Are you interested in answering my simple questions?


  2. These questions are for the excellent web-designers with at least 5 years experience.

  3. These questions are prepared with a view to help the students undergoing web designing course in different institutions.

  4. Your answers  will open their eyes for them to take  right decision in their lives.

  5. Kindly accept my hearty thanks for your kind advice and suggestions.

  6. You please send your answers to

  7. and oblige.

My one thousand and one thanks

To if they leave the site as I like it in order that i feel like putting new contents for which I have asked to  in my hosting.

They have made my blog not as I wanted in and I pity myself why I have been put into such position.

I request all whosoever in that position to inform in advance  so that I can be as they expect me to be.

Hearty  and multiple thanks in advance and I humbly request not to change anything without informing me in advance what they expect of me.

Really, really,really Are you a real good web developer?

  • Are you a real good web developer?
  • Are you a real good web designer?
  • Are you really a good graphic designer?
  • What are you good at?
  • Are you fully conversant with and
  • Can you really guide people sincerely to solve their problems?
  • Solve the problems, become an expert in these fields and you can have really a good job satisfaction.
  • Money you need not run after.
  • money will really flow towards you and
  • you can be really a rich person.
  • study, learn, learn from the masters,
  • develop yourself wherever you are
  • and whatever you do
  • What you can give others
  • and solve their problems than
  • asking what will I gain first
  • is not the right thing to do.I am after
  • your success, happiness, prosperity
  • .Hearty blessings and best wishes for a better future.

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